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Nimbus Data to Showcase ExaDrive DC – the World’s Highest Capacity SSD – for OCP-based Storage Infrastructure

OCP Summit Kicks Off in San Jose with Record-breaking Storage Efficiency

Irvine, CA, March 20, 2018 – Nimbus Data, a pioneer in flash memory solutions, will showcase its newly unveiled ExaDrive DC solid state drive, featuring up to 100 terabytes of flash memory, at the OCP Summit in San Jose, California. The two-day event, which begins today, brings together more than 3,000 engineers and suppliers to help grow the open hardware ecosystem for the data center. Pioneered by Facebook, the Open Compute Project seeks to maximize data center energy efficiency and scale at the lowest possible cost.

OCP Storage Platforms Reach New Heights with ExaDrive DC

With a 3.5” form factor and power consumption as low as 0.1 watts per terabyte, the ExaDrive DC series is plug-and-play compatible with OCP-based storage platforms. By combining the 2OU rack-mount 45-drive JBOD OCP design with the ExaDrive DC100, for example, up to 4.5 petabytes of raw flash capacity can be achieved in a mere 2OU of rack space. The OCP 45-drive design implements a tool-less drive sled design that allows administrators to install or remove ExaDrive SSDs while the system running.

Unlimited Endurance and the Lowest Flash Storage TCO for Data Centers

The ExaDrive DC series is protected by an unlimited endurance guarantee for 5 years. By doing away with confusing drive-writes-per-day restrictions, the ExaDrive DC series offers peace of mind, reduces hardware refresh cycles, and eliminates costly support renewals. The ExaDrive DC costs 42% less per terabyte over a 5-year period compared to existing enterprise SSDs, factoring in the superior endurance, power and cooling savings, rack space savings, component reduction, and lower refresh costs.

Learn More at the OCP Summit Event

Nimbus Data and Flex will demonstrate the ExaDrive DC solid state drive and OCP storage designs on the expo hall floor in booth A22. Nimbus Data CEO and founder, Thomas Isakovich, will also present at the OCP Summit on the topic of achieving record-breaking scale and efficiency for flash storage by combining OCP designs with ExaDrive SSDs.

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