ExaFlash One – Enterprise All-Flash for Everyone

Powered by Nimbus Data AFX, ExaFlash One is the enterprise-class all-flash array for every organization. ExaFlash One array offers a compelling proposition: consolidate all workloads onto one platform, while retaining precision control over individual datastores. This provides the best of both worlds: the simplicity and efficiency of a single storage platform with the flexibility and performance to tune each workload uniquely as required. ExaFlash One includes all Nimbus Data AFX features and management software.

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Enterprise-class Storage with Consumer-grade Ease of Use

ExaFlash arrays are very easy to use. With the web interface or CLI, start out by configuring basic parameters like network addresses, system time, and high-availability. Next, aggregate SSDs into one or more logical pools, applying your desired redundancy and sparing parameters. Or alternatively, you can leverage bare-metal mode to directly share SSDs over the storage network. Next, create datastores, which can be block, file, and object storage types. Each datastore can have its own unique deduplication, compression, thin provisioning, checksum, and encryption settings, giving you QoS control to optimize each datastore for its workload. Finally, set access permissions to these datastores by defining hosts, hostgroups, users, or usergroups. In less than an hour, you will be up and running with ExaFlash.

Track Performance and System Health

Over 100 charts capture performance, health, and utilization details across the array. You can create a custom dashboard to track the metrics that interest you most. Instantly visualize the front and rear of your ExaFlash array to track controller, drive, and power/cooling status. Configure event notification via email and SNMP alerts to stay up-to-date. The log features are extensive – every action is tracked in a detailed audit trail. With a few clicks, you can open support tickets (with logs automatically attached) within the web interface.

World-class Performance and Efficiency

ExaFlash One features Nimbus Data’s patented stateless controllers, purpose-built for performance and efficiency. ExaFlash One delivers up to 12 GBps of throughput and up to 2 million 4 KB IOps. ExaFlash One arrays include hardware acceleration with DSP offload engines. With 8 network ports (4 per controller), ExaFlash arrays support 40/10 Gb Ethernet, 16 Gb Fibre Channel, or FDR InfiniBand connectivity. Unlike off-the-shelf servers, ExaFlash arrays are also power efficient and very compact. ExaFlash One draws about 500 watts, even at full capacity. At 2U and less than 20” deep, ExaFlash One can be deployed almost anywhere, including data centers, mobile vehicles, and tactical environments.

Up to
12 GBps
sustained throughput
As low as
0.65 watts
power per raw TB

Enterprise-class Resiliency

ExaFlash One arrays are rock-solid, fault-tolerant, and built for 99.9999% availability. ExaFlash offers dual active-active controllers, non-disruptive updates, online capacity expansion, redundant power/cooling modules, and hot-plug components. This no-single-point-of-failure design is completely tool-less – anybody can service ExaFlash with ease. Powered by Nimbus Data AFX, ExaFlash One includes snapshots, clones, asynchronous replication (to another ExaFlash array or to the cloud), online data scrubbing, and flash-optimized RAID protection. Th stateless architecture ensures that all data is immediately written to non-volatile flash, eliminating the need for battery backups.

Open Approach Ensures Fair Capacity Pricing

ExaFlash One supports up to 24 industry-standard SSDs, enabling up to 768 TB of raw flash in one 2U rackmount system (up to 5 PB effective after data reduction). ExaFlash One can be purchased turnkey with capacity included, or without any SSDs at all. While other enterprise storage array vendors force you to buy drives (the most expensive part) exclusively from them, Nimbus Data breaks up this monopoly. In partnership with major SSD manufacturers, Nimbus Data has qualified a variety of enterprise-grade SSDs. Customers have the freedom to populate ExaFlash One with these qualified SSDs while maintaining their support benefits. This open approach eliminates the excessive price markups imposed by existing enterprise storage array vendors, ensuring you fair capacity pricing for years to come.