Tectonic – A New Way Forward for Enterprise Storage

More than ever, a powerful data storage infrastructure is a strategic advantage. Yet existing enterprise storage arrays remain proprietary, complex, and expensive. For decades, enterprise storage vendors have unfairly burdened their customers with inflated capacity costs, escalating support fees, costly hardware refreshes, and an often tedious sales process. This status quo must change.

Nimbus Data Tectonic represents a complete rethinking of the entire enterprise storage experience, from initial customer engagement to support and operations. Tectonic puts freedom, transparency, and sustainability at the forefront. Harnessing Nimbus Data’s technology and operational strengths, Tectonic offers enterprise storage customers superior service, greater agility, and significantly lower total costs.

What Makes Tectonic Different?

No Tiers First-class support for everyone, including 24 x 7 x 365 support and rapid parts replacement.
Freedom Support for industry-standard SSDs, eliminating vendor lock-in and excessive markups.
Simplicity A flat annual support fee per array, not per terabyte, regardless of system age.
Zero Emissions Green storage, with array power consumption fully offset by renewable energy.
Ageless Free non-disruptive controller upgrades after 3 years, eliminating costly hardware refreshes.
No Taxes All-inclusive software, free software updates, and no capacity-based license fees.
Transparency Get a detailed quote and TCO analysis online in minutes with just a few clicks.
No Lock-in No long-term contract required – 1 year minimum, extendable up to 7 years as desired.