Next Generation All-Flash Infrastructure

ExaFlash all-flash arrays are scalable and high-performance storage systems for cloud infrastructure, AI, digital content, HPC, virtualization, databases, and more. By supporting SAN, NAS, NVMe-oF, and Amazon S3 protocols simultaneously, ExaFlash offers a future-proof infrastructure to meet evolving storage requirements. Precision QoS controls, unrivaled in the industry, optimize inline data services, such as deduplication, compression, checksums, and encryption, to match diverse workload requirements. With a patented stateless and federated architecture, ExaFlash is fundamentally more reliable, higher performance, and more scalable than conventional array designs. Backed by Tectonic, ExaFlash delivers an open, customer-first storage platform guaranteed to provide the lowest total cost of ownership.

What Makes ExaFlash Different?

Future-proof Native block, file, and object storage enable you to take on diverse workload requirements.
Purpose-built Engineered to be the best all-flash array, not a generic server, for superior performance and reliability.
Versatility Individually control inline data services, enabling precise optimization for your exact workload.
Scalability Expand non-disruptively from terabytes to exabytes with one central point of administration.
Reliability Fully-redundant active-active architecture and easy-to-service design enable 99.9999% uptime.
Performance Patented stateless architecture and DSP accelerators offer superior reliability and throughput.
Freedom An open architecture eliminates vendor lock-in and capacity price gouging, putting you back in control.
TCO Automatic refreshes, free software, zero capacity taxes, and flat support guarantee the lowest TCO.
Transparency Get a quote online in minutes, with capacity and performance details presented clearly and simply.
Simplicity Deploy in under an hour, backed by a money back guarantee and award-winning support.