The Premier Multiprotocol Enterprise All-Flash Storage Platform

You (the data storage professional) face unprecedented challenges. You must optimize storage to handle IO-intensive workloads like virtualization, analytics, machine learning, databases, containers, and digital content. You must be ready to scale capacity on-demand and without disruption. You must deliver consistent high performance to satisfy your global users and their expectations for real-time response. Non-stop operation, 24 x 7 x 365, is required without exception. You must maximize efficiency and manage more capacity than ever before. Most importantly, you must reduce costs and avoid vendor lock-in wherever possible. Your task is not easy.

and VDI

and OLTP

AI / Machine


Big Data
and HPC

Why ExaFlash?

ExaFlash arrays from Nimbus Data enable you to take on these storage challenges. By supporting virtually any block, file, and object protocol simultaneously, ExaFlash arrays provide the versatility to meet diverse workload requirements. Precise QoS controls, unrivaled in the industry, let you optimize the storage for your exact needs. The purpose-built architecture delivers high availability and maximum performance while minimizing power consumption and footprint. All ExaFlash arrays can be managed in one elegant interface, simplifying administration as your business grows. With our revolutionary Tectonic program, you also gain freedom – freedom from excessive capacity costs, freedom from vendor lock-in, freedom from unpredictable support fees, and freedom from costly hardware refreshes.

What Makes ExaFlash Different?

100% Open An open architecture, without vendor lock-in, puts you back in control of your storage.
100% Flash Purpose-built for flash memory, maximizing its superior efficiency, reliability, and performance.
Versatility One logical pool for block, file, and object storage with precise QoS control over inline data services.
Optimization Tunable for your workloads with enterprise-class, throughput-optimized, and latency-focused modes.
Scalability Expands non-disruptively from terabytes to exabytes with one central point of administration.
Reliability Fully-redundant active-active architecture and easy-to-service design built for 99.9999% uptime.
Performance Smart offload engines and a patented architecture maximize throughput and IO performance.
Freedom Add your own qualified SSDs, giving you peace of mind and guaranteeing you fair capacity pricing.
Transparency Get a quote online in minutes, with a flat annual support price, regardless of array capacity or age.
Simplicity Deploy and provision storage in under an hour, with award-winning support just a click away.