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Nimbus Data Unveils the World’s Highest Capacity QLC Flash SSD and the World’s First QLC Flash SAS SSD for the Enterprise

New ExaDrive NL series SSD accelerates the transition from hard drives to flash storage

Irvine, CA, August 26, 2020 – Nimbus Data, a leading innovator in flash memory storage, today unveiled ExaDrive NL, the world’s highest capacity QLC flash SSD and the industry’s first QLC flash SAS SSD for enterprise workloads. With industry-leading capacity up to 64 TB in a single SSD, ExaDrive NL helps organizations eliminate server sprawl, reduce software licensing costs, improve efficiency, and reduce data center operating costs by up to 75%.

“Customers are always looking for more capacity and more efficient ways to access their data,” said Jeff Janukowicz, Research Vice President, IDC. “High capacity QLC flash SSDs, like Nimbus Data’s ExaDrive NL, help organizations migrate to enterprise-grade flash storage as cost-effectively as possible, while simplifying hybrid storage that blends HDDs and SSDs seamlessly to optimize cost and performance for their workloads.”

Accelerate and Scale While Reducing OpEx and Maximizing Existing Investments

By replacing hard drives with ExaDrive NL series SSDs, organizations can increase storage capacity by 4x, improve data access times by over 100x, and reduce power per terabyte by 75%. Available in a 3.5 inch form factor just like enterprise hard drives, ExaDrive NL is plug-and-play compatible with virtually any 3.5 inch HDD slot. While existing QLC SSDs cannot match the capacity of the latest hard drives, ExaDrive NL is available in 16 TB, 32 TB, and 64 TB sizes, easily eclipsing all HDDs and QLC SSDs on the market. This makes transitioning to flash more affordable than ever before, enabling organizations to increase capacity and reduce OpEx while preserving their existing servers, racks, power, and cooling equipment.

“Celestica’s storage systems provide the industry-leading density that cloud providers and enterprises demand,” stated Todd Beaudoin, GM, Hardware Platform Solutions at Celestica. “By combining Nimbus Data’s ExaDrive NL series SSDs with Celestica’s storage systems, customers can dramatically increase storage capacity, scalability, and performance, all while reducing power per terabyte to contain data center OpEx.”

Enterprise-grade High Availability and Hybrid Storage Support

ExaDrive NL supports both SATA and dual-port SAS interfaces. ExaDrive NL is the first QLC flash SSD to offer the proven SAS interface, providing compatibility with high-density enterprise servers, JBODs, and dual-controller storage arrays that require high availability for mission-critical applications. Unlike NVMe SSDs, ExaDrive NL simplifies tiered and hybrid storage by allowing users to mix hard drives and SSDs in the same enclosure effortlessly. ExaDrive NL can be paired with hardware RAID controllers from Broadcom, Microchip, and others to increase redundancy and performance even further. ExaDrive NL is qualified with servers from major vendors, including Dell EMC, HPE, Lenovo, Cisco, and Supermicro.

Massive Capacity for Edge Storage with Unmatched Portability

As more data is created at the edge, organizations are also facing a new challenge: storing and transporting massive data sets. Hard drives are ill-suited to this task due to slow performance and vibration sensitivity, and NVMe SSDs require too much power and do not provide enough storage capacity. ExaDrive NL offers the capacity of a full data storage array in a device small enough to fit in your back pocket. ExaDrive NL weighs less than one pound, reducing weight per terabyte by 95% compared to bulky hard drive-based systems. Its small form factor and resiliency make ExaDrive NL well-suited to autonomous vehicles, aircraft, mobile systems, 5G infrastructure, e-discovery, and cloud data transport appliances.

“By combining QLC flash with Nimbus Data’s patent-pending architecture, ExaDrive NL offers enterprise-grade reliability, record-setting capacity, balanced performance, and incredible portability,” stated Thomas Isakovich, CEO and founder of Nimbus Data. “ExaDrive NL delivers the capacity and value to effectively replace hard drives in environments where performance is critical but where SSDs have historically been cost-prohibitive.”

Immediate Availability

ExaDrive NL is now shipping in SATA and dual-port SAS versions, in 16 TB, 32 TB, and 64 TB capacities. Customers can purchase ExaDrive NL via Nimbus Data’s authorized distributors and resellers, as well as online at authorized retailers, starting under $3,000.

About Nimbus Data

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