Powered by Nimbus Data AFX

ExaFlash arrays are powered by Nimbus Data AFX, a next-generation operating system and management platform developed exclusively for solid state storage. AFX features a federated architecture to seamlessly scale with complete data integrity and high availability. It supports over a dozen block, file, and object protocols on one platform using Ethernet, Fibre Channel, or InfiniBand connectivity. AFX provides comprehensive data reduction and data protection, with unrivaled QoS controls that can optimize performance for specific workloads. AFX supports a broad range of media, including NAND flash (TLC, QLC) and storage-class memory (Optane, 3D XPoint) using industry-standard NVMe and SAS interfaces. Powerful Web management, a REST API, and cloud integration simplify storage administration.

Optimize Storage for Your Workload

ExaFlash arrays put you in control. Thin provisioning, deduplication, compression, checksums, and encryption can be enabled or disabled individually, giving you powerful QoS control. Workloads that benefit, like virtualization and databases, can leverage these features. Workloads that do not benefit, like digital media or technical computing, can avoid them. This ensures that performance and utilization are always optimized for a given workload, avoiding the costly alternative of purchasing multiple storage arrays. Each SSD can even be accessed as an individual block device, providing the benefits of network storage with the latency of direct-attached storage.

Multiprotocol Versatility with One Platform

ExaFlash arrays support over a dozen storage protocols. Block (SAN) protocols, file (NAS) protocols, and object (Amazon S3 compliant) protocols can coexist simultaneously on one ExaFlash array. All data types can even share the same logical pool of capacity, without any artificial silos. This not only eliminates the need for different storage arrays, but it also simplifies capacity planning and improves storage utilization with global data reduction. ExaFlash arrays are available with high-speed Fibre Channel, Ethernet, and InfiniBand connectivity.

Scale Capacity and Performance in Lock-step

Scaling ExaFlash is easy – and fast. Since each ExaFlash array is fully-redundant, you can start with one and simply add more arrays as needed, on-demand and without disruption. With each new ExaFlash array, performance and capacity increase in unison. The federated architecture does not depend on cluster-wide metadata, battery backups, nor a backend network fabric. This approach offers superior resiliency (no global metadata risk), much lower cost (dramatically less hardware), and more consistent performance (lower latency).

Be the Master of Your Storage Domain

With our web-based management platform, you have one pane of glass from which to visualize your complete storage infrastructure, whether that’s one or hundreds of ExaFlash arrays. It collects telemetry from the entire federation of ExaFlash arrays, providing centralized reporting to facilitate capacity planning, performance analysis, and administrative tasks. A powerful and fully-documented REST API simplifies integration of ExaFlash arrays into existing enterprise management platforms.