Innovative Multicore Architecture

Conventional SATA SSDs use a single monolithic flash controller, limiting capacity and write performance. ExaDrive SSDs, on the other hand, use an innovative multicore architecture with up to four flash controllers and an additional protocol processor. This distributed architecture enables ExaDrive SSDs to offer much higher capacity and write performance. The protocol processor adds an additional benefit: dynamic power management. The protocol processor can automatically power-on and power-off internal flash components, allowing ExaDrive SSDs to offer low power yet maximum performance.

World’s Highest Capacity Built for Density

As the world’s highest capacity SSD, ExaDrive DC is purpose-built for maximum capacity, energy efficiency, endurance, and density. ExaDrive DC features up to 100 TB of enterprise-grade flash in a single 3.5” form factor SSD. ExaDrive DC offers over 12x the capacity of the next largest SATA SSD on the market while consuming 85% less power per terabyte. Enterprise-grade eMLC flash, robust ECC and end-to-end data protection ensure unlimited writes for 5 years. ExaDrive DC is expressly designed for industrial and military applications that demand the greatest reliability, high density, and lowest possible power.