Software-defined. Multiprocessor-powered.

ExaDrive solid state drives are purpose-built for capacity, energy efficiency, longevity, and density. ExaDrive SSDs feature a patent-pending architecture, packing up to 100 terabytes of flash in the industry standard 3.5” form factor. ExaDrive SSDs enable organizations to dramatically increase storage capacity and performance while slashing data center power, space, and cooling costs.

High Capacity Ultra-Efficient SSDs for the Data Center

Cloud storage, big data, artificial intelligence, technical computing, and ever-richer digital content demand massive storage capacity and exceptional performance. At the same time, organizations are grappling with rapidly escalating data center power, space, and cooling costs, not to mention the demand for nonstop availability and quality of service. Nearline hard drives can no longer meet the performance and availability requirements, and existing enterprise SSDs are too small, energy hungry, and costly. Enter ExaDrive.

With up to 100 TB of flash in a single SSD, ExaDrive offers over 3x the capacity of the next largest SSD on the market while consuming as little as 1/8th the power per terabyte. With its industry-standard 3.5” form factor, ExaDrive is plug-and-play compatible with existing enclosures, enabling customers to upgrade to an all-flash infrastructure without investing in entirely new all-flash arrays.

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