Plug-and-Play for Diverse Workloads

Featuring the same 3.5” form factor and interface used by hard drives, the ExaDrive SSDs are plug-and-play compatible with hundreds of storage and server platforms. ExaDrive’s low power (as low as 0.1 watts/TB) and portability also make it well-suited for edge and IoT applications.


  • World’s highest capacity SSD
  • World’s most energy efficient SSD
  • 8x more capacity than the largest HDD
  • 42% lower TCO over 5 years than enterprise SSDs
  • Up to 100K read/write IOps for balanced performance
  • Unlimited write guarantee for 5 years
  • Plug-and-play with existing 3.5” HDD slots

Applications & Workloads

  • Cloud storage
  • Big data
  • Digital imaging/media
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Technical computing
  • Tactical environments