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Nimbus Unveils Ground-breaking Unified IP Storage Systems with 10 GbE and SAS

Easy-to-use Systems Combine iSCSI SAN and NAS, Primary/Nearline Storage in one Powerful and Affordable Solution

San Francisco, CA, March 22, 2006 – Nimbus Data Systems, Inc. today announced innovative Unified IP Storage Systems that offer versatility, advanced software, and best-in-class performance to help midsize enterprises dramatically simplify and optimize their IT operations. Offering iSCSI SAN and NAS capability in one system, the easy-to-use and affordable Breeze MX4 and 10G systems also mark several industry firsts:

  • Powered by SAS and SATA hard drives for the best flexibility, speed, and reliability
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet for unmatched iSCSI performance, even outpacing Fibre Channel
  • Primary to Nearline migration technology for reducing hardware and software costs
  • Integrated Ethernet switch for simplifying SAN installation and management

Meeting Diverse Storage Needs with One Powerful Solution

The new Breeze MX4 and 10G are multi-service storage systems offering both iSCSI SAN and NAS capabilities in one solution that can be set up in about 15 minutes. With a modern SAS-based architecture and multiple RAID options, the MX4 and 10G offer both Primary and Nearline storage capability using SAS and SATA hard drives in one system. These unique advantages empower enterprises to better consolidate their storage, reduce costs, and optimize their environment based on specific application needs and available IT budgets.

“The Nimbus unified IP storage architecture based on SAS offers a very compelling price/performance advantage when compared against alternative iSCSI storage systems, ”says Brad O’ Neill, senior analyst with The Taneja Group. “With flexible RAID and storage provisioning options, as well as support for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Nimbus’ new systems offer a clear value proposition to midsize companies looking to consolidate SAN, NAS, primary, and nearline storage on one affordable storage infrastructure.”

Performance, Expandability, and Simple Installation

The MX4 and 10G feature up to 15,000 rpm hard drives and an embedded IP coprocessor to deliver performance unparalleled in its class. Capable of achieving 700 MB/sec and 500,000 IOps, the MX4 and 10G deliver 3-10x the performance of other iSCSI systems, even surpassing many Fibre Channel systems costing tens of thousands of dollars more. The MX4 and 10G also feature an integrated switch that provides up to 48 Gigabit Ethernet host connections out-of-the-box, simplifying installation. With fault-tolerant hardware and hot-swappable components, the MX4 and 10G are resilient systems expandable from 1.5 TB to 55 TB.

Advanced, Easy-to-use HALO Software

The new MX4 and 10G are powered by Nimbus’ HALO™ technology. HALO v3.0, developed by Nimbus, provides a simple and intuitive web-based interface for configuring the storage in minutes. Ready for the mission-critical environments, HALO also provides powerful data protection features including snapshot, snapclone with rollback, and asynchronous replication. IT administrators can add additional storage on-demand, without downtime, and view real-time and historical system status information using a one-of-a-kind graphical dashboard.

Pricing and Availability

The new Breeze MX4 and 10G will be available exclusively through Nimbus’ worldwide network of value-added resellers and distributors. A complete MX4 solution starts under $20,000, and a complete 10G solution starts under $35,000, including all software, a switch, and three years of onsite support. Nimbus will be showing the MX4 and 10G at Storage Networking World in San Diego, California, from April 3-6, 2006. “Users are looking for IT value today in both purchase price and operational costs, ”says Robert Gray, IDC storage analyst. “Solutions such as the Nimbus MX4 and 10G, which offer both iSCSI SAN and NAS support, help storage managers address both requirements.”

About Nimbus Data Systems

Nimbus Data Systems is a leader in IP storage solutions for today’s rapidly-growing businesses. Nimbus develops industry-leading products that simplify storage management and improve the availability and security of digital information. Nimbus solutions include high-performance and scalable IP SAN storage systems, innovative iSCSI server software, and a ground-breaking line of IP storage controllers designed for global OEMs. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Nimbus products are available through a worldwide network of authorized system integrators, distributors, and OEMs. For more information, visit