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Nimbus Unveils Future-Proof Unified Storage System for Small and Midsize Businesses

Affordable SATA/SAS/SSD Tiers, Free Comprehensive Software, and 10 GbE Upgradeability

San Francisco, CA, February 9, 2009 – Nimbus Data Systems today announced the H-class RH100, a versatile and upgradeable unified storage system that brings enterprise scalability, data protection, and storage management features within reach for all organizations. Designed expressly for the needs of small and midsize businesses, the RH100 offers up to 60 SATA, SAS, or SSD drives, no-additional-charge snapshot, cloning, and replication software, built-in iSCSI SAN and NAS capabilities, and up to 8x greater performance at 60% lower total cost than competing solutions.

Product Highlights

  • 60% lower total cost of ownership through software, hardware, power, and cooling savings
  • Non-disruptive expansion to 60 SATA, SAS, and SSD drives in one tiered storage system
  • All-in-one iSCSI SAN and NAS with snapshots, cloning, and replication at no additional cost
  • Quad load-balanced Gigabit Ethernet ports, field-upgradeable to 10 GbE, with 4 GB of cache
  • 20-minute setup and the renown ease-of-use of Nimbus’ HALO storage operating system
  • High-availability design with redundant power, cooling, and software images

Future-proof Storage for Long-term Investment Protection

The RH100 offers versatility and investment protection unprecedented in its class. Featuring Nimbus’ FlexScale architecture, the RH100 supports up to 60 SATA, SAS, and SSD drives, even within the same enclosure, to provide a fully-tiered storage solution. Quad load-balanced Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual SAS links, and 4 GB of cache dramatically accelerate Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, VMware ESX, and Citrix XenServer. The RH100 is also fully upgradeable. Users can swap out the Gigabit Ethernet controllers for 10 Gigabit Ethernet controllers without a costly and prohibitive forklift upgrade later. The RH100 is also upgradeable to any other H-class system, providing a migration path to Nimbus’ datacenter-class VH630 and MH860 systems without any wasted IT investment.

All-in-One Unified Storage Made Simple

Powered by Nimbus’ comprehensive HALO storage operating system, the RH100 provides unified iSCSI SAN and NAS on one system without the cost and complexity of NAS gateways or separate protocol licenses. Built-in, no-charge features include point-in-time snapshots, synchronous mirroring, asynchronous and continuous remote replication, volume cloning, and automatic storage health monitoring. Advanced reporting tools provide email and SNMP notification, real-time gauges and historical charts of key metrics like performance and power usage, and an early warning system for drive health. Up and running in just 20 minutes, the RH100 features a remarkably easy-to-use web-based management interface that simplifies IT administration and improves responsiveness.

Eco-efficient and High Availability Design

The RH100 meets new green computing standards by consuming up to 70% less power (as low as 19 watts per TB of data managed) than separate SAN and NAS devices or clustered storage arrays. With 80% fewer components and 30% lower operating temperature than traditional arrays, the RH100 generates less heat and vibration, reducing energy costs and improving drive reliability. Redundant power supplies, fans, and software images are standard.


The H-class RH100 is available now from Nimbus’ worldwide network of integration and distribution partners. To find a Nimbus partner in your area or join a live webinar, visit

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