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Leading Analysts and Partners Voice Support for Nimbus Data’s 4th Generation All-Flash Arrays

Recognition of Nimbus Data's Innovation and Leadership

South San Francisco, CA, August 14, 2013 – Nimbus Data Systems, Inc., the leading provider of unified all-flash storage systems for enterprise and cloud infrastructure, received accolades for this week’s announcement unveiling the most powerful unified all-flash array in the market.

“The solid state storage market is all about leadership in innovation,” said Benjamin Woo, Managing Director at Neuralytix, Inc. “Nimbus Data has demonstrated yet again, its first-mover advantage in the all-flash array market by being first-to-market to integrate 1x nm flash technology. Now in its fourth generation, Nimbus Data continues to break barriers in technology, scale, performance and price.”

Enterprise Strategy Group

“In essence, the three major targets for storage have always been scale, performance, and economics,” said Mark Peters, Senior Analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “And then storage users, based on workload need and budgets, invariably only get to ‘pick any one or two’ in a given solution. This latest announcement from Nimbus Data is a further step for the all-flash storage market inasmuch as it offers a combination that can address all three attributes.”


“One of the factors influencing the adoption of all-flash arrays is cost,” said Laura DuBois, Program VP Storage at IDC. “The ability for all-flash array suppliers to reduce the cost of these solutions while also providing enterprise-caliber endurance is paramount. Innovations like Nimbus Data’s dynamic write management functionality in its Gemini unified all-flash array does this, widening the appeal of flash memory by narrowing the historical price premium separating flash from hard drive storage.”

Evaluator Group

“We have been able to test Nimbus Data’s performance claims in our labs and have seen real-world applications perform far in excess of what traditional storage systems are able to deliver,” stated Russ Fellows, Senior Partner at Evaluator Group. “Specifically, we have tested a single Nimbus Data all-flash array which can support 1,000’s of simultaneous VDI instances.”


“The Nimbus Data 4th generation all-flash arrays are definitive examples of how state-of-the-art storage systems can be designed to take advantage of all-flash technology, ”said Dennis Martin, President of Demartek. “The most recent improvements that Nimbus Data has introduced lead the industry in terms of price, performance, capacity, power efficiency and warranty for an all-flash storage system.”

IT Brand Pulse

“Expanding adoption of all flash arrays in the enterprise requires lower cost per gigabyte, higher endurance and faster interconnects, all at the same time,” said Frank Berry, founder and senior analyst, IT Brand Pulse. “4th generation all flash arrays from Nimbus Data embody this leap forward by incorporating 1x nm flash, 16Gb Fibre Channel and FDR InfiniBand interfaces.”

Storage Switzerland

“All-flash storage systems have thus far found traction in either niche applications, where performance takes precedence over cost, or for specific use cases like VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), ”stated Eric Slack, Senior Analyst at Storage Switzerland. “The market needs a system that delivers optimal flash performance, enterprise features and reliability, all at a price per GB that the mainstream data center can justify. Nimbus Data seems to have addressed each of these concerns by improving its performance, enhancing its feature set, and safely tapping the more affordable 1x nm flash NAND.”

Storage Strategies NOW

‘All-flash arrays require vertical integration beyond off-the-shelf solid state drives and major software functionality to be relevant in the current base of offerings,” stated James E. Bagley, Senior Analyst at Storage Strategies NOW. “Nimbus Data has the long-term experience in the market with differentiated flash modularity and feature-rich capabilities in its HALO operating system.”

Mellanox Technologies

“With the exponential growth of cloud-based applications and services, relevant data must be delivered with near real-time response,” said Motti Beck, Director Enterprise Market Development at Mellanox Technologies. “Utilizing Mellanox’s end-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet RDMA solutions with storage platforms such as the Gemini F600 has proven to be the most efficient way to meet the business requirements of real-time data delivery, high-availability and scalability at the lowest possible TCO.”

About Nimbus Data Systems

Nimbus Data Systems develops an award-winning portfolio of all-flash memory storage systems purpose-built for virtualization, databases, cloud infrastructure, and technical computing. Combining unified multiprotocol storage, comprehensive data management software, and patent-pending hardware architecture, Nimbus Data all-flash systems deliver the industry’s best performance, data center efficiency, scalability, and total cost of ownership. For more information, visit or follow Nimbus at