Thomas Isakovich

CEO & Founder

Thomas Isakovich is CEO and founder of Nimbus Data, overseeing product strategy and development, sales, marketing, and manufacturing operations. Thomas founded Nimbus Data to build the next great storage systems company by combining smart software with non-volatile memory technology, offering superior data delivery, protection, and operating efficiency. Prior to Nimbus Data, Thomas was CEO and founder of TrueSAN Networks, where he raised over $34 million and led the development of storage virtualization and multi-vendor SAN management software. At Oracle spin-off Network Computer (also known as Liberate Technologies), Thomas oversaw product marketing for the company’s line of thin-client workstations and server software. At IBM’s Almaden Research Center, Thomas developed new technologies for simplifying and enhancing human-computer interaction. A frequent speaker on technology and entrepreneurship at universities and industry events, Thomas earned a B.A. with Honors in political science from Stanford University.

The storage systems market is broken — here’s why

Storage systems companies are feeling serious pain. Shares of Tintri (NASDAQ: TNTR) traded under $3 today, accelerating a slide that began when the company missed revenue expectations. Tintri’s recent IPO is a cautionary tale, having been forced to cut its IPO price by nearly 40%. As a result, Tintri has less than a year of […]

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WD Expands its Graveyard with Tegile Acquisition

WD is increasingly becoming the place where storage products go to die. Tegile is the latest company to submit to the undertaker. Let’s have a look at WD’s acquisition history: Skyera: WD invested in and later acquired this all-flash array startup that failed to ship a functional product. Less than 6 months later, Skyera vanished. […]

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The Path to the Petabyte SSD

Nimbus Data's ExaDrive technology brings two powerful concepts -- "software-defined" and "scale-out" -- to the individual SSD. The first real-world implementations of ExaDrive come from Viking Technology and SMART Modular Technologies with their 50 TB SAS SSDs.

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Capacity flash: the new frontier

With data center power, space, cooling, and performance issues more challenging than ever, flash will penetrate tier 2 workloads rapidly. Here, ease of migration and data center OpEx are the priorities. That’s why SAS/SATA and 3.5” are ideal – that’s what nearline HDDs use, making it easy to switch to SSDs. On OpEx, Nimbus Data […]

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