ExaFlash Operating System

The ExaFlash Operating System is powerful, API-driven storage and data management software for the ExaFlash Platform.

Superior Versatility for Greater Consolidation

The ExaFlash OS provides a single pane-of-glass administration interface for total control. The ExaFlash Operating System also provides support for all major storage protocols, including block, file and object protocols, simultaneously. Using the API, storage administrators can automate every conceivable storage task centrally.

Comprehensive Data Management Features

The ExaFlash OS incorporates flash-optimized parity protection and hot-spares to protect individual flash drives against failure. Unlike conventional RAID approaches that can suffer from long rebuild times and silent data corruption, the ExaFlash OS incorporate real-time full data checksums that proactively monitors and repairs any mismatches. Space-efficiency point-in-time snapshots as well as full data clones are supported. Inline variable deduplication and LZ4 compression maximize storage utilization.