Past News

storagemojo Nimbus Data is for Real November 30, 2012
bloomberg No VC: Nimbus Takes '21st Century Approach' to Building Business November 27, 2012
it-businessedge Flash Storage with all the Trimmings November 9, 2012
crn 10 Hot Products To See At Oracle OpenWorld 2012 October 2, 2012
corman_hogan Nimbus Data's new Gemini Array & vSphere Integration September 28, 2012
tech_target Hybrid and all-SSD Arrays Can Save Money, When Used in the Right Spots September 28, 2012
tech_target Ten-year storage systems bring tremendous benefits September 10, 2012
bio-it-world Gemini Launch From Nimbus Signals Possibilities for Flash Storage August 30, 2012
storagenewsletter New Nimbus Data Flash Array August 21, 2012
hpcwire A Petabyte of Flash in a Rack August 20, 2012
theregister Nimbus jiggles Gemini flash box, hits 1 million IOPS sweet spot August 20, 2012
greentechnews Nimbus Data Introduces New Flash Memory Arrays August 20, 2012
crn Nimbus Data Unveils High-Performance Gemini Flash Arrays With 10-Year Warranty August 20, 2012
channelpro Nimbus Launches New Flash Memory Arrays August 20, 2012
tech_target Upcoming Nimbus all-flash storage array to offer 10-year warranty August 20, 2012
datacenterknowledge Nimbus Data Readies Gemini Flash Memory Arrays August 20, 2012
tanejagroup Nimbus Elevates the Bar on Flash Performance, Resiliency with New Gemini Array August 20, 2012
storagereview Nimbus Gemini Flash Array Announced - 10-Year Endurance with MLC August 20, 2012
gigaom Nimbus Data feeds flash storage frenzy August 20, 2012
insidehpc Nimbus Data Launches Powerful New Flash Memory Arrays August 20, 2012
storagestrategiesnow Nimbus Data Systems launches new array August 20, 2012
eetimes Amid flash craze, Nimbus grabs new controllers August 20, 2012
fierce_enterprise Nimbus rolls out new storage solutions August 20, 2012
computer_technology_review Nimbus Data Systems Pioneers Sustainable Storage July 26, 2012
crn The 10 Coolest Storage Startups of 2012 July 10, 2012
tmc Nimbus Wins Deal with The Allant Group June 26, 2012
tech_target Can flash storage technology meet the needs of cloud service providers? June 12, 2012
tech_target Flash array gives Mitsubishi Power juice to handle SAP implementation May 8, 2012
vdicloud Sustainable Storage made by Nimbus Data Systems May 8, 2012
hansdeleenheer All-flash solutions ready for commercial value? May 8, 2012
gestalt-it Storage Tech Field Day with Gestalt IT May 4, 2012
tech_target All-flash array marketing heating up, but is consolidation coming? May 1, 2012
technology-insights-research Technology Insights Research TECHTALK March 23, 2012
goldman_sachs Goldman Sachs Emerging Technology Webcast March 9, 2012
networkcomputing Nimbus Sets The Stage For Mainstream Enterprise SSD February 13, 2012
eweek Nimbus Launches Big-Scale NAND Flash Storage System January 31, 2012
infoworld Nimbus puts up its new all-flash array against disk arrays January 31, 2012
tech_target Nimbus Makes Its All-Flash Storage Enterprise-ready January 31, 2012
infostor Nimbus Delivers Flash Storage for Mission-Critical Infrastructure January 31, 2012
hpcwire Nimbus Brings Half Petabyte Flash Storage to Market January 31, 2012
tech_target Nimbus CEO: Early SSD technology adoption in the web, cloud January 31, 2012
channelpro Nimbus Data Systems to Offer E-Class Flash Memory System January 31, 2012
computerworld Nimbus puts up its new all-flash array against disk arrays January 31, 2012
gestalt-it Nimbus E-Class: The First Big, Redundant, All-Flash Enterprise Array January 31, 2012
insidehpc Slidecast: Nimbus E-Class Storage Launch Briefing January 31, 2012
storagestrategiesnow StorageStrategiesNOW: E-Class Elevates Nimbus All-Flash for Enterprise & Cloud January 31, 2012
bio-it-world No Spin Zone: Nimbus Launches E-Class Flash Storage January 31, 2012
theregister New Nimbus flash motor nibbles just 5 watts per terabyte January 31, 2012
storage-switzerland Nimbus E-Class Third Generation All-Flash Storage Systems for the Enterprise January 31, 2012
informationweek Nimbus SSD Competes On Price With Hard Drives January 31, 2012
storagereview Nimbus E-Class Flash Memory System for Enterprise and Cloud Launched January 31, 2012
computerworld 2012: The year storage becomes a celebrity January 30, 2012
crn Flash Array Maker Nimbus Data Intros First Formal Channel Program January 11, 2012
varguy Nimbus Data Systems Launches Flash Storage Partner Program January 11, 2012
channelpro Nimbus Data Systems Launches FlashPoint Partner Program January 10, 2012
wikibon Flash Storage Driving a Wave of Modern Applications and Increased Data Usage December 23, 2011
computerworld How vendors are using flash and SSDs October 12, 2011
computerworld Enterprise IT embraces SSD, despite cost September 12, 2011
computerworld Are costly SSDs worth the money? September 11, 2011
tech_target Data storage startups: 10 emerging vendors worth watching September 6, 2011
theregister FLASH: The Disruptening August 15, 2011
baseline eBay Bets on Flash August 9, 2011
businesssolutions Nimbus Unveils Next-Generation Flash Memory Systems August 9, 2011
eweek Nimbus Scores Major-League Win in 100TB eBay Deployment August 3, 2011
networkcomputing Nimbus Data Goes All In With Flash-Only Storage August 3, 2011
newyorktimes eBay Deploys 100TB of Flash Storage August 3, 2011
crn Nimbus Data Adds Flash To eBay, Intros New Flash-based Primary Storage August 3, 2011
insidehpc Slidecast: Nimbus Data Wins Huge Flash Deployment at eBay August 3, 2011
tech_target eBay goes big on Nimbus all-SSD system August 3, 2011
hpcwire Nimbus Revs Up Flash Offering August 3, 2011
lemondeinformatique eBay manages server virtualization with 100 TB of storage SSD August 3, 2011
zdnet eBay taps updated Nimbus flash storage August 3, 2011
dailytech eBay Improves Performance, Save Space and Power Moving to SSDs August 3, 2011
theregister eBay Backs Flash New Boy for Storage August 3, 2011
computerworld eBay attacks server virtualization with 100TB of SSD storage August 2, 2011
gigaom eBay deploys 100TB of flash storage August 2, 2011
datacenterknowledge eBay Buys 100 Terabytes of Nimbus Flash Memory August 2, 2011
tech_target 2010 Storage Products of the Year February 14, 2011
barrons Storage: More Deals Coming? September 7, 2010
hpcwire Podcast: Flash Storage Startup Makes Play for HPC July 29, 2010
zdnet Nimbus enterprise flash storage promises lower energy costs July 28, 2010
eweek Nimbus Crams Terabytes of Flash into New System July 22, 2010
storagenewsletter Up to 250TB on SSDs Within Single File System by Nimbus July 20, 2010
hpcwire Nimbus Goes After HPC Market with Disk-Priced Flash Array July 20, 2010
thejournal Nimbus Launches 250 TB-Capacity Flash Storage System July 20, 2010
itpro High performance computing may get a boost from Nimbus' new product line July 20, 2010
networkcomputing Nimbus Doubles SSD File System Capacity to 250 TB July 20, 2010
tech_target Nimbus rolls out larger S-Class solid-state storage platform, virtual switch July 19, 2010
infostor Nimbus scales all-flash SSD arrays July 19, 2010 Nimbus S1000 appliance targets HPC markets July 19, 2010
eetimes Startup attacks disk arrays with flash appliance July 19, 2010
it-businessedge SSDs: A New Era in Throughput May 17, 2010
networkcomputing Nimbus Goes All-in for SSD May 7, 2010
zdnet Enterprise storage start-up claims to slash energy costs May 5, 2010
networkcomputing Nimbus Offers Green, Cost-Efficient Storage With SSD April 27, 2010
channelinsider Nimbus Wants to Upset Enterprise Storage with Flash Storage April 27, 2010
storagereview Nimbus Intros Enterprise Flash Storage Systems April 27, 2010
businesssolutions Nimbus Unveils Sustainable Storage April 27, 2010
channelweb Nimbus Unveils NAND Solid-State Storage As Disk Array April 26, 2010
networkworld Nimbus Launches with all-SSD Array April 26, 2010
zdnet Nimbus launches all-SSD storage array April 26, 2010
tech_target Nimbus launches S-Class all-solid-state, no-disk storage system April 26, 2010
infostor Nimbus ships all-flash iSCSI/NAS arrays April 26, 2010
theregister Nimbus Intros Diskless Storage Array April 26, 2010
storagenewsletter Nimbus Data Systems: Startup Profile April 26, 2010
enterprisestorageforum Nimbus Unveils Nifty Solid State Drive Storage Array April 26, 2010
zdnet Nimbus Data Systems croit aux baies de stockage 100% SSD April 26, 2010
globalsecurity Nimbus s’installe en France April 26, 2010
tech_target Nimbus Data Systems unveils multiprotocol storage system February 12, 2009
channelweb Nimbus Goes After NetApp StoreVault Partners with New Array February 10, 2009
arstechnica Manufacturers announce formation of 10GbE coalition April 22, 2008
it-businessedge 10 GbE Alliances Forming April 22, 2008
softpedia Nimbus Forms IP Alliance on 10 GB Ethernet April 19, 2008
networkworld 10 Gigabit Ethernet Storage Alliance formed April 17, 2008
computerworld Vendors form 10Gbit/sec Ethernet Storage Alliance April 16, 2008
networkworld Nimbus aims to make storage-area networking a Breeze for SMBs April 7, 2008
tech_target Nimbus adds solid state to 10-GigE iSCSI NAS systems April 2, 2008
byte_and_switch Nimbus Unveils iSCSI SAN/NAS With SSD April 2, 2008
infostor Nimbus debuts hybrid IP array April 2, 2008
crn Iomega Defends Turf with Beefier NAS Appliance April 12, 2007
tech_target Storage Vendors Fire Up Freeware February 21, 2007
enterprisestorageforum Nimbus Targets iSCSI August 14, 2006
infostor Startup Offers Free iSCSI Target Software August 14, 2006
byte_and_switch iSCSI Suppliers Seek Servers July 7, 2006
tmc An Early Taste of SNW Spring April 3, 2006
crn Storage Products on Parade in San Diego March 31, 2006
infostor Nimbus Claims iSCSI Firsts March 23, 2006
tech_target iSCSI Competition Heats Up March 23, 2006
byte_and_switch 10-Gig IP SANs Hit Bleeding Edge March 21, 2006
channelweb Nimbus Storage Appliances Unify SAN/ NAS, SAS/SATA March 21, 2006