10 year endurance using cost-effective MLC flash

Nimbus Data’s Gemini system is engineered expressly for flash, optimized from the silicon to the software. Leveraging 1x nm MLC flash, Gemini offers an unmatched combination of endurance and economics. This enables us to offer the most competitive cost per gigabyte and the industry’s best hardware warranty up to 10 years, regardless of the workload.

10 Year Warranty



1x nm MLC flash

Adaptive ECC

and wear-leveling

Jim Handy
Research Director, Objective Analysis

Enabling Cost-effective MLC Flash

The key to reducing the cost of all-flash systems is reducing the cost of the flash silicon itself. This is accomplished by reducing the lithography of flash. By unlocking the potential of MLC flash, Gemini systems offer the industry’s lowest cost per gigabyte. Nimbus Data achieved this through three advancements:

Powerful DSP
  • A powerful hardware DSP in each enterprise flash drive provides the perfect amount electrical current based on the age of the flash, minimizing flash wear.
Smart Software
  • Nimbus Data software automatically reforms random small-block writes into sequential large-block writes, reducing write amplification and increasing longevity.
Granular Wear-leveling
  • Cell-level, rather than chip-level, wear-leveling algorithms that detect variations in flash endurance and adapt write patterns accordingly, eliminating hot-spots.