Patented low-latency system architecture

Gemini all-flash arrays deliver the industry’s highest IOps, fastest throughput, and lowest latency. This is accomplished with our patented Parallel Memory Architecture that offers 6x more internal bandwidth than generic servers. The data path between the Gemini’s controllers and the flash drives is also significantly shorter than competing designs, enabling up to 95% lower latency.

Up to 2 M IOps

4 KB block size

Up to 12 GBps


As low as 50 µsec


Delivering the lowest cost per VMware View desktop

Dennis Martin
President, Demartek

Parallel Memory Architecture

Gemini systems are not based on off-the-shelf servers and cabled drive trays. Such approaches, while common for hard disk arrays, lack sufficient bandwidth to take full advantage of flash memory performance. Gemini systems feature a patented point-to-point internal PCIe fabric that provides each flash drive with a dedicated multi-gigabit link to both system controllers. Adding more flash drives adds more bandwidth automatically while eliminating cabling and drive trays.

Ultra-fast Networking

Customers have their choice of 10 to 40 Gigabit Ethernet, up to 16 Gb Fibre Channel, and up to FDR (56 Gb) InfiniBand. Each Gemini system features 8 ports, providing up to 288 Gbps of end-to-end bandwidth. With full support for RDMA features, Gemini systems deliver latency comparable to that of local PCIe flash cards, while providing the greater capacity, reliability, scalability, and clustering support of an external storage system.

Hardware-offloaded Flash Management

Performance starts at the flash silicon itself. Each flash drive features up to 32 NAND chips managed by a dedicated flash processor. This embedded processor fully offloads all flash management from the system processors. Flash management is a very specialized function, involving millions of ECC calculations, garbage collection, read disturb management, and much more, so offload is critical to avoid distracting system CPU resources.