Up to 90% lower energy and rack space requirements

Gemini all-flash arrays offer superior energy efficiency and rack density, featuring high-capacity flash drives and custom-designed system controllers, not generic servers. This purpose-built design enables organizations to rapidly increase their storage capacity within existing power, cooling and space constraints.

Up to 48 TB raw

in just 2 U
of rack space

Up to 400 TB

with deduplication and

Under 400 W

90% less energy
than the competition

Delivering the lowest cost per VMware View desktop

Mark Bramfitt
Founder, Utility IT Energy Efficiency Coalition

90% Lower Energy Costs

Gemini all-flash arrays typically consume under 400 watts of power, a fraction of the energy consumed by competing designs of comparable effective storage capacity. Nimbus Data achieves this by engineering specifically for power and space efficiency, which other vendors overlook in order to use generic servers for their products. Nimbus Data values not only the importance of energy efficiency to the environment, but also the tremendous cost savings and competitive advantage that can be attained by drawing 90% less power than the competition.

Industry-leading Capacity Density

Achieving maximum density with competing solutions often comes at a cost in serviceability. Nimbus Data leads the industry in density while providing familiar hot-swappable front-loading flash drives. This design makes onsite service, even by newbies, a cinch. Other products that use DIMM-like designs require customers to remove the chassis from the rack, expose live circuitry, and risk system-wide damage.

Easy Scalability

Gemini systems scale from 6 TB to 48 TB of raw flash capacity (up to 400 TB effective) in a fully-redundant 2U rackmount chassis. Nimbus Data accomplishes this without resorting to complex top-loading designs nor sacrificing high-availability. Gemini systems can be expanded with additional flash drives non-disruptively in 1 TB and 2 TB increments.

Deduplication and Compression Further Extend Usable Capacity

The HALO software includes inline deduplication and compression to increase effective capacity by up to 10:1, depending on workload. By pattern-matching blocks in real-time, deduplication is ideal for virtual desktops (VDI) and server virtualization. LZ4 compression further reduces storage requirements for databases, analytics, and ERP applications. Capable of up to 10:1 data reduction with deduplication and compression, a 48 TB Gemini all-flash array can deliver up to 400 TB of effective capacity in just 2 U, helping companies reduce rack space by up to 20x and cut power by 90% or more.