Data Protection

Comprehensive snapshot and data integrity features

Today’s mission-critical applications demand ever more sophisticated data protection features to protect against a variety of threats. The HALO operating system provides comprehensive features to handle these situations.


HALO’s snapshot features enables users to take virtually unlimited snapshots of their data at specific points-in-time. Each snapshot is a state-in-time representation of the data, enabling users to quickly revert to “last known good states” or recover accidentally deleted data from prior snapshots. Snapshots are lightweight, meaning they are created instantaneously, consume minimal space, and can be auto-retired based on user-defined policies.

Clustering and RAID

HALO provides the essential clustering capability to support the dual controllers on the Gemini all-flash array. This powerful clustering technology ensures seamless failover in the event of a controller failure. It also enables non-disruptive software updates. With flash-optimized RAID technology, data is protected against one or more flash drive failures. Rebuilds are fast.


HALO provides asynchronous replication capability to assist in syncing data to an offsite Nimbus Data array for disaster recovery or “hot site” purposes. Replication is performed over IP networks.

Automatic Checksums

As storage capacity increases, the likelihood of silent data corruption grows with it, making checksums a must-have capability. HALO provides automatic checksums that stop silent data corruption in its tracks. Checksums are performed on both metadata and the data itself, transparently and without requiring the system to be taken offline.