Executive leadership

Thomas Isakovich

CEO and Founder

Thomas Isakovich is CEO and founder of Nimbus Data, overseeing product strategy and development, sales, marketing, and manufacturing operations. Thomas founded Nimbus Data to build the next great storage systems company by combining smart software with non-volatile memory technology, offering superior data delivery, protection, and operating efficiency. Prior to Nimbus Data, Thomas was CEO and founder of TrueSAN Networks, where he raised over $34 million and led the development of storage virtualization and multi-vendor SAN management software. At Oracle spin-off Network Computer (also known as Liberate Technologies), Thomas oversaw product marketing for the company’s line of thin-client workstations and server software. At IBM’s Almaden Research Center, Thomas developed new technologies for simplifying and enhancing human-computer interaction. A frequent speaker on technology and entrepreneurship at universities and industry events, Thomas earned a B.A. with Honors in political science from Stanford University.

Ed Zschau

Investor and Advisor (Former General Manager, IBM Storage Systems Division)

Ed Zschau founded and held the position of CEO at System Industries beginning in 1968. Following his success with System Industries, Dr. Zschau was elected to the US House of Representatives in 1982, where he represented Silicon Valley in Congress for two full terms. Dr. Zschau then became a General Partner at the venture capital firm Brentwood Associates. In 1988, he was elected Chairman and CEO of Censtor, a position he held until becoming General Manager of the IBM Storage Systems Division from April 1993 until July 1995. Dr. Zschau has been a Professor of Management at Harvard University since 1996 and a Visiting Professor at Princeton University in the Department of Electrical Engineering since 1997. He is a graduate of Princeton University and received his M.B.A., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from Stanford University. In addition, he is the Founding Chairman, Emeritus and a member of the National Advisory Board of the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California. He is on the Board of Scholar of the ACCF Center for Policy Research in Washington, DC, a Fellow of the California Council on Science and Technology, in Sacramento, California, and on the Advisory Board of the Center for Economic Policy Studies at Princeton University.

Dick Watts

Investor and Advisor (Former Corporate VP, HP UNIX Server and PC Business Units)

Dick Watts has a successful track record as a senior manager at both large and small technology companies. He recently served as CEO of Pragmax Software, a provider of product lifecycle management tools, and president and CEO of Scale Eight, a storage service provider. Previously he was CEO of ConvergeNet, a storage networking company that he led from the early stages through its acquisition in 1999 by Dell for over $300 million. Prior to joining ConvergeNet, Mr. Watts was a corporate vice president at HP where he ran a series of multi-billion dollar revenue business units, including the PC group and the UNIX systems line. His last position at HP was head of worldwide sales and distribution. Mr. Watts obtained a BSc with honors from Imperial College in London, England and also attended the Stanford Executive Program. He is also a Trustee of St. Luke’s Hospital Foundation in San Francisco and the San Jose Museum of Art.