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ssd_review Nimbus Data Announces Flash Supply and Technology Partnership With SK Hynix September 8, 2016
ssd_review Nimbus Data Debuts ExaFlash™ – All-Flash Platform and Software for Cloud and Big Data – Flash Memory Summit 2016 Update August 10, 2016
enterprise_tech New All-Flash from Nimbus, Storage-Class Memory from Netlist August 10, 2016
storagenewsletter Nimbus Data All-Flash Array ExaFlash August 10, 2016
tech_target Nimbus Data sticks its big nodes back into AFA market with ExaFlash August 9, 2016
theregister ExaFlash: Cheap, dense, energy-sipper will 'empower humankind' August 9, 2016
insidehpc Nimbus Data Rolls Out ExaFlash Storage Platform August 9, 2016
virtual_strategy Nimbus Data Unveils ExaFlash™, the Next-generation All-Flash Platform for Cloud and Big Data August 9, 2016
storagestrategiesnow Nimbus Data debuts all-flash arrays August 9, 2016
dcig Cloudmark Claims Half Million Dollar Prize Using All-Flash Memory Storage Array March 25, 2014
gcn Flash Storage Emerges as Viable Alternative to Spinning Disks March 24, 2014
dcig When Microseconds Matter: Delivering Highly Available Inline Deduplication and Consistent Low Latencies at Scale March 12, 2014
digitalcld Nimbus Data Announces New Scale-Out, Highly Dense All-Flash Arrays March 5, 2014
it-businessedge Scaling Storage Infrastructure: Up, Out or Both? March 4, 2014
theregister Hey, Nimbus Data. What you doin' with those 4TB flash slabs? March 4, 2014
storagenewsletter New Nimbus Data Gemini X-Series Scale-Out All-Flash Array March 3, 2014
tomsitpro Nimbus Data Puts A Petabyte of Flash In Half a Rack February 27, 2014
storagereview Nimbus Gemini X-Series SAN/NAS All Flash Solution Announced February 25, 2014
tech_target Nimbus Gemini X marks the spot with 96TB of all-flash capacity February 25, 2014
storagestrategiesnow Nimbus Data Announces Gemini X-Series Scale-Out Flash Array February 25, 2014
dcig Gemini X All Flash Scale-Out Storage Ready to Replace HDD as Enterprise Tier One February 25, 2014
tech_target Desktop-as-a-Service Provider Says All-Flash Required for Success January 29, 2014
tweaktown Nimbus Data has banner year, doubling sales and expanding net income January 17, 2014
digitalcld Recommended : Nimbus Data Aims High and Delivers; Also Releases VDI Benchmark October 12, 2013
tech_target Nimbus says storage benchmark backs claim of under $40 per VDI desktop September 26, 2013
digitalcld Nimbus Data’s Latest Flash Arrays Target Market Leaders September 6, 2013
silicon-angle Nimbus All-Flash Arrays Flash in the Pan for Big Data August 14, 2013
storage-switzerland 1x nm MLC Drives Nimbus All-flash Array Advantages August 14, 2013
theregister Nimbus Data fattens up Gemini twins with smaller flash chips August 14, 2013
crn Nimbus Data Intros Low-Cost All-Flash Arrays For Less Than Hybrid Array, Plans '14 IPO August 12, 2013
bio-it-world Nimbus Offers All-Flash Systems with 1x Nanometer Flash August 12, 2013
gigaom Flash storage vendor Nimbus Data declares hybrid storage dead August 12, 2013
tech_target Nimbus adds to Gemini all-flash storage array portfolio August 12, 2013
telecom-paper Nimbus Data unveils new Gemini F400, F600 all-flash arrays August 12, 2013
forbes Nimbus Data Strives To Disrupt EMC, IBM, NetApp August 9, 2013
triangle-business-journal Data Wars: Disruptive California firm has EMC, IBM and NetApp in its crosshairs August 9, 2013
gcn In a flash, HALO 2013 can boost efficiency of cloud architectures March 26, 2013
tweaktown Nimbus announces HALO 2013, adds new features into award-winning storage OS March 26, 2013
enterprisestorageforum Nimbus Data Floats HALO 2013 Software for SSD Arrays March 26, 2013
tech_target Nimbus adds management, analytics for Gemini all-flash array March 25, 2013
inside_bigdata HALO 2013 Simplifies Management for Cloud and Enterprise Storage Architects March 25, 2013
storagereview Nimbus Announces HALO 2013 Software March 25, 2013
storagestrategiesnow Nimbus releases HALO 2013 storage operating system March 25, 2013
yellowbricks Nimbus Data Releases HALO 2013 March 25, 2013
semiaccurate Nimbus Data Updates their Flash SAN Software Suite March 25, 2013
tech_target Enterprise storage system: 2012 Products of the Year finalists January 17, 2013
tech_target The paradigm shift to 100% flash SSD storage systems has begun January 17, 2013