Capacity flash: the new frontier

With data center power, space, cooling, and performance issues more challenging than ever, flash will penetrate tier 2 workloads rapidly. Here, ease of migration and data center OpEx are the priorities. That’s why SAS/SATA and 3.5” are ideal – that’s what nearline HDDs use, making it easy to switch to SSDs. On OpEx, Nimbus Data ExaDrive-powered SSDs offer 5x the density and use the least amount of power per TB of any drive ever made, providing a 90%+ reduction in space, energy and cooling costs.

ExaDrive is also NAND agnostic – expect 3D, TLC, and even QLC-based ExaDrive-powered SSDs in the not-to-distant future. Nimbus Data announced a strategic alliance with SK Hynix last year – more partnerships are coming as we roll-out additional reference designs to our OEMs.

Vertical integration of the all-flash systems, software, and SSDs is critical to increase value and competitive differentiation. That’s why you see the SSD makers like WD and Seagate trying to move up-the-stack into systems. But they lack the software, and this has hurt their efforts. Nimbus Data has already mastered the software and systems side – we’ve now successfully expanded down-the-stack into SSDs, offering a complete platform based on in-house technology.