Infinite scale. Infinite possibilities.

The ExaFlash Platform incorporates a novel architecture that enables infinite scalability, from terabytes to exabytes, as one centrally-managed all-flash system.

Existing Approaches Fall Short

Conventional scale-up and scale-out architectures were never designed with flash in mind. Both approaches are legacies of the hard drive era, when processors were fast and storage was slow. In scale-up designs, flash is cascaded behind a fixed set of controllers, reducing effective performance as capacity is added. Scale-out was designed to overcome this by combining a controller and flash in one node and then striping data across nodes for capacity and redundancy. However, this approach is grossly inefficient, resulting in poor utilization of flash capacity, unpredictable latency at scale, very high power consumption, and excessive rack space requirements.

ExaFlash is Built for Flash at Scale

With ExaFlash, data flow is decoupled from metadata, and management is centralized, operating completely out-of-band. This approach ensures that customers have one interface and one pane-of-glass for all administration. There is no data network between the storage arrays themselves, guaranteeing that performance truly scales in lock-step with capacity and with consistent latency.