API’s and Reporting

Tracking over 200 health and performance metrics

Over 200 health and performance metrics are captured and stored in a database for both real-time and historical reporting. Elegant charts can be viewed using the web-based interface or created by querying the REST-based API. Individual administrators can highlight the charts that are the most important to them and add them to their own custom dashboard.


With the increased deployment of private and public clouds, administrators need better ways to automate the management of their storage infrastructure. To this end, HALO features a comprehensive REST API. The API can be used to perform all available functions provided by the HALO operating system. To access the HALO API document, please contact us.

Historical Statistics

Real-time Statistics

User-customizable Dashboard

Email and SNMP Notification

HALO provides email notification of alerts according to severity levels. Administrators can also set thresholds for certain values, such as load for example, and set alerts to automatically notify them when such thresholds have been breached. The SNMP support will also send alerts to a user-specified SNMP trap receiver.